Saturday, February 23, 2008


hi again people
at summer camp i made a whole arm of gimp bracelets.
for those of you who don't know what gimp is: it is a plastic rubber chord that you can use to make friend ship bracelets or other bracelets you might like.
so far i have 20 on my arms right now and making more. it is so neat looking but the stray ends do hurt a bit when they poke you and you can't take them off when you go to bed because they take too long to take off and put on unless they are looser then they slip off easily and you can avoid waking up with imprints on your face from your hand beside your head at night :)
anyway. i think you should go to a craft store if you are interested and maybe buy some gimp but don't get it confused with hemp. they are two very different things. :) so if you want to learn how you can look up gimp bracelets on line and you might find out how to make them. i can't offer much assistance because i don't know how to explain it on here, you will just have to fend for yourself :)
have a good day

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