Wednesday, May 7, 2008

apollo 13

yesturday my class watched a video about the life threatening mission of apollo 13

boy it would be scary to be further away from earth you have ever been and then find out you may not live so see earth again.
pretty freaked out stuff.
i heard that what happend was that there was some un-wanted preasure so they turned some fans on then one of their oxygen tanks blew up shorting out some power and leaving the second with a hole. they where leaking fast.
since they had very little power and needed to get home again; they turned off the ship (all power like lights, boosters and equipment wired into the ships main power source), since this had never been attempted in space befor, it was very nerve wracking. when they got closert to the moon they decided to get onto it's gravaty force to it would swing the ship towards the earth and they would return home. when they swung out, thery would have to be very very precise because if they missed the earth, they would be stuck in space for the reat of their lives.
luckaly they blasted the boosters and returned home. everyone was very thank ful and happy they where safe ven though the crew was in bad shape.
a few years leter apollo 17 was returning back home. they had succeeded.

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