Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hi again

today i went on another hike but it wasn't as long as before.
it was really fun because we went to an island and we saw lot's of fish because it was a fishing island. we had a really good dinner of fish (freshly cought) rice, spring rolls, spicey eggplant and prawns. i loooooove island food.
the soar throat that i have didn't bother me much because since there are no cars (except for little buggy carts) on the island i was on so there wasn't as much pollution as in mainland HK.
i managed to get an LV head band on one of the street stands and a feiw post cards.
the city in Hong Kong is very special at night because you can see all the lights on all the buildings and if you are lucky you can see them flash in diffrent colors.
for those of you who want to see pictures, you can see them when i put them onto my computer from my camera when i post them. if you are planning to go to hong kong you should know that there is a lot of pollution and you may get a soar throat like i have but it is worth it to see the wonderful sights. i <3 Hong Kong!!!!

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