Saturday, May 26, 2007


i have heard of lots of names in my life but all those weren't to weird or exotic.
what is the weirdest name you've ever heard of?
tell me and i will look up what it means and do a post about it.


CyberSpaceKing© said...

Funniest name I ever heard of is Jello Biafra.

Emma Unrau Cairns said...

i will look up the last name because i'm not sure that the name jello has a meaning.
but it might i may be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that musicians seem to have the funniest names? How about Cee-Lo, or Manu Chao, OR.....Michael Buble?

Emma Unrau Cairns said...

those are funny

Anonymous said...

I just recently read a name I thought was mispelled. It was 'Darko' and I thought it should be 'Drako' but it was Darko. Some guy from Hungary (country).

And then there's the always familiar yet strange sounding name of 'Atilla'. And y es, I've run across more than one 'Jesus'.

Emma Unrau Cairns said...


Anonymous said...

Gaitanaru is different. It's from Romania.

this is the jean queen's blog


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