Monday, May 28, 2007

my life at school

today was my first day of school since i have been off thanks to a very bad cold,it turned out i have a lot of catching up to do.
i have spelling, french, reading\social studies, and i didn't get my hot lunch form filled out for this week. I meen, i love my school but this is a lot. of course i don't blame my teacher because this is her job and i'm the one who missed school work
and tecnecly must catch up (not her fult)Also today my class did speaches on Friday and said them to the class today, wich i was totally not prepared for. I took lunch and was able to come up with an easy one in a hour wich i said out loud. theteacher cut me some slack because ihad been absent the whole time the class prepared them. So yeah, i got through my first day just fine.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your way with words. You tell an interesting tale.

Love Dad

Emma Unrau Cairns said...

thank you kind sir. :)

Anonymous said...

Just between you and me ... being called 'sir' sounds weird however thank you kind maiden.

Anonymous said...


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