Friday, May 25, 2007


i'm just getting over a cold and i've been out of school for like a week so yeah i've got a vapourizer for warm steem to loosen the mucuss in my lungs in my room and it keeps spitting salt water all over and i'm like "stop it"! and of course it just keeps spitting and like, the waters hot! so if you touch it, it will burn you so yeah. kinda weird. i burned my hand on it last week in the night i got up to go to the bathroom i saw it and it didn't look like it had any water in it and it was'nt steeming so i put my hand in it to feel it and burned it. fortunatly i don't have a blister and i feel fine but boy did it hurt!

i didn't take this picture but it lookes like a blister i once had so yeah.
i just got spat on by water.

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