Tuesday, April 24, 2007


my class is going to the pne. it will be fun. have you ever gone on the hellavater?
write back and tell me what it was like if you have been on it.

once again i found this pic on google


Salt Spring Sayer said...

What is a Helevator? Is this thew unit like an elevator that takes you a way up then drops you in free fall?

I ws never on one but I was once on an elevator in a 27 story building that broke and we went into free fall for many floors. On every every elevator there are acceleration dogs that kick in if the unit starts to mgo too fast. These kick in and we all stopped so sudenly that the ceilg of the elevator landed on top of us after we all fell on the floor. We did not have to pay for this ride. Do you really want to have this experience?

Emma Unrau Cairns said...

scary story

this is the jean queen's blog


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