Friday, April 13, 2007

music artists

vote for your fav artist
green day or
avril lavign


Anonymous said...

Avril should get more sleep, her eyes are terrifying.


Emma Unrau Cairns said...

very funny

Salt Spring Sayer said...

Avril Just bought a 8 million dollar home in LA with her husband who is twice her age. IE: he is 41 an she just 21 wow! think about it she was born when He was 20. Do you think that this marrage can last. If they have children in 5 years he will be 66 when they are in college.

I think that she was looking for a father not a husband.

Wahat do you think?

Emma Unrau Cairns said...

im a bit puzzeled myself

CyberSpaceKing© said...

I am puzzled by all this...
CyberSpaceKaiser is right...all these musical artists today look like they need lots more sleep.
I guess the industry is just so competitive that they have to work all the time.
SaltSpring Sayer also brings up more confusing issues. I thought, I preferred Avril Lavigne because she has an amusing and difficult to spell name, now that I find out she like older men I think I like her even more.
JeanQueen..please post a more flattering picture of Avril, she looks hideous in this one.

Salt Spring Sayer said...

The question is, Is the new husband really 41 or does he just look that old?

He is also a musical artist so perhaps the hard life makes him look old. Maybe he is onlt 15 or 8 years old and our friend Avril is a cradel robber not a father figure seaker.

Anonymous said...

Avril's Husband is not 41. He is the lead singer for Sum 41. He was born in 1980 so perhaps the marrage may last a bit longer.

Then person fron Salt Spring probably thought that his age was 41 not the name of the group.

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